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ECE Creative Arts

Creative Arts Workshops Fall 2017

Action Karate (Appropriate for three and four year old students)

  • Karate will help your child develop focus, self-confidence, and self-esteem as they learn beginning karate skills.
  • Karate classes also promote the development of gross motor skills, as well as, hand-eye coordination and balance
  • Power fit kids—Gymnastics (Appropriate for all age levels)
  • This Power fit kids gymnastics class will be the highlight of your child’s week!
  • This program will provide a safe environment where your child will develop self confidence, coordination,
  • listening skills, spatial and perceptual awareness all while having fun and being active and healthy.
  • A wide variety of equipment will be used to introduce children to the basic fundamentals of gymnastics.


  • Institute of Dance Artistry(Appropriate for all age levels)
  • Basics of ballet and jazz dance
  • Creative movement activities
  • Students should have ballet shoes and clothing that allows freedom of movement
  • Soccer Shots (Appropriate for all age levels)

  • Soccer Shots is a national soccer program designed for children 2 -12 years old to introduce them to the game of soccer.
  • Soccer Shots not only teaches children the basic skills but places a high emphasis on character development as well.
  • All Soccer Shots participants are treated with dignity and respect and are thus expected to treat each other in the same way. Sportsmanship and fair play take precedence over winning. Teamwork, obedience, and good attitudes are reinforced during every session.

Spanish (Appropriate for three and four year old students)

  • ¨ Children in this class will not sit for long! Using visual, kinesthetic and auditory techniques, kids start learning a new language through a variety of activities designed to engage their minds and bodies through games, repetition, music, puppetry and play. Kids delight in the sense of accomplishment as they begin to comprehend a second language. This is a fun, relaxed class designed to keep children interested while stimulating their desire to learn more.

Science with Nature Jack (Appropriate for three and four year old students)

  • ¨ This is a fun and innovative introduction to the fascinating world of science. By taking advantage of a child’s natural curiosity “Nature Jack” will introduce key concepts of science in a fun and hands-on manner. There will be opportunities to predict, hypothesize, compare and measure while conducting fun informative experiments.

Snapology (Appropriate for three and four year old students)

  • ¨ Learning was never this much fun! SNAPOLOGY programs introduce STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) concepts and social skill development in an inclusive and fun environment. With the help of our facilitators and teachers, the children will learn science, engineering, physics, mathematics and literacy principles through creative play using DUPLO® and LEGO® bricks. Young students build fun and simple models using DUPLO® and LEGO® bricks. By playing with, and manipulating, the models, they experience pulleys, levers, gears, wheels and axels. To strengthen their knowledge in a playful manner, the children are engaged in both structured and imaginative play during each session.The program is designed to promote team work and inspire creativity.
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