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Bar/Bat Mitzvah schedule of lessons

Click here to download a pdf of the individual timeline checklist!


The Or Ami BM Program consists of 6 1/2 months of weekly lessons (individual/group) with 1 extra month of review and 2 weeks vacation built in totaling 8 months. Summer months do not count except for reviewing learnt material! BM Students with their service dates in May start at least 8 months before by September.  BM Students with their service dates in June start lessons no later than October. All other students start at least 10 months before! 
    BM Date     Lessons Start No Later Than
    September    November
    October    December
    November    January
    December    February
    January    March
    February    April
    March     May
    April    June
    May    September
    June    October 

What Happens Between the Orientation Meeting and My Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

4 Individual lessons with Cantorº          20-30 minutes
1) Review the packet, read the Torah Blessings
 HOMEWORK: Read translation of Torah portion and write summary & Download Prayers & Blessings and learn to chant Torah Blessing
2) Review summary and choose section of parashah
HOMEWORK: Read half of the portion in Hebrew, review V’ahavta
3)  Review Torah Blessings, read half of portion in Hebrew
HOMEWORK: Read second half of the portion in Hebrew, review Torah Blessings
4) Read second half of the Hebrew, review Torah Blessings & V’ahavta!
 HOMEWORK: Download Torah Portion (4 aliyot) & Haftarah, listen to chant of Aliyah 1
Learn to chant first verse using recording 

11 Mitzvah Academy Classes     55 minutes (depending on size of class, could be shorter)
 In Class: lessons in trope & prayers, students chant verses they’ve learned!
 HOMEWORK WHILE IN MITZVAH ACADEMY: review all blessings & learn an average 
of 1 verse of Torah (from # to #) each week. By the end of the class student should 
know 11 verses of (90%) of the Torah Portion

11 Individual lessons with Cantor°    20-30 minutes
1) Check progress of student 
2-11) Review all Blessings, Learn remainder of Torah, Learn Haftarah*, Friday & Saturday
Kiddush. Lesson 11 or last lesson takes place in the Sanctuary.

* The Haftarah Portion is assigned and given in the first four lessons. A recording is also made available.
If there is enough time students can choose to learn Avot & G’vurot or other parts of the service.

Parents are encouraged to attend all individual lessons.
ºA parent is requested to be at the first lesson with the Cantor
°A parent is also requested to be at lessons 1 & 11 of the third stage of preparation.

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